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Full-Stack Developer, my services can address all the issues of a project.


Development of effective application solutions, adapted to your needs and optimized for your information systems.

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Creation of ergonomic websites with optimized content, and development of powerful web interfaces for your applications.

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Expertise in machine learning, automatic extraction of information and semantic analysis.

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Computer courses for individuals, and training for professionals matching your needs and your technology.

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A selection of projects for international clients.

About me

True programming enthusiast, I quickly oriented to computer studies at the university, until a computer science PhD in applied Language Processing.

To enrich and solidify my knowledge, I chose to evolve in different professional backgrounds that share the desire to innovate. At university, I knew the experience of research laboratories, while in the world of Web Marketing, I put my skills to company's service.

At present, I give myself a mission to help businesses and individuals for all their projects and all their computer challenge.

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We cannot predict where, ultimately, the Computer Revolution will take us. All we know for certain is that, when we finally get there, we won't have enough RAM.

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Anthony Sigogne


Montpellier, France